Episode 3-1 — Pastors' Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Critical Race Theory

Episode 1 September 29, 2021 00:34:48
Episode 3-1 — Pastors' Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Critical Race Theory
Thinking Christian
Episode 3-1 — Pastors' Equipping Series: Sample Sermon on Critical Race Theory

Sep 29 2021 | 00:34:48


Show Notes

Updated: See the summary explainer article at The Stream!

Critical race theory: Could you preach on it in church? Teach it in a small group? How would you approach it? Should you even address it in church?

That last question calls for a definite answer yes. It’s too influential, and too much of a false gospel, to let your congregation try to sort it out on their own. Still, though, how would you preach on it?

This podcast gives you a sample of teaching you can use, not just as information but as a sample sermon. You’re free to use it; that’s what it’s for. We do ask that in your bulletin and online postings you give credit to Tom Gilson and to The Stream, with whom this work is being done in cooperation, with links both to The Stream and to this podcast page.

This isn’t all we have to offer on the topic. Check out the Thinking Christian blog for a written form of this sample sermon, and visit The Stream on or after the evening of October 1 for a one-page pastors’ explainer article on critical race theory, with loads of links to additional information you can use. (I’ll update these program notes with a link there as soon as it’s ready.)

If you’re not a pastor, please consider yourself a member of the congregation listening and learning. You’re most welcome here! And then do please send this podcast to your pastor. There’ll be more like it to come!

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